Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Curse

where do i start on this one??

A long time ago my mother, a woman whom i will never mention her name, had fallen in love with my father and they were living happily together souls intertwined. One day a woman came through and tainted my dad, lets just say they were caught naked together........

On that fate filled day my mom took it upon her to place a curse upon herself so that no man would ever hurt her again. Little did she know this curse would effect my sister and I, and cause pain greater then anyone could imagine!

After my sister and I found out what she had done we both ran of to build our own home in a small land, we called it Pazzeo Abbey. My sister had put all of her money in a beautiful club and I danced there. We had such a wonderful place and we built upon it....but that is a different story in itself.

So anyway my sister met a man named AsianVamp, and she wanted to make him king of her world, and King of our clan. Things went well for a period of time until he decided to turn on her right before the wedding. He stole our land and sold it off piece by piece before we could stop him and ruined it all. We thought our clan was gone seeing as he had crushed our Queen Jaclyn, but she pulled through and moved on to find new land for us to live in. She has tried other times to find love but something always happens right before the wedding.

I on the other hand do not normally get close to the wedding, i seem to be effected in a different way. I find a man who is wonderful and i fall hard and i fall quick, but someone or something always comes along to rip him and my heart away. I won't go into the details now but maybe some other time, if there is someone who really wants to know.

I look at our Beautiful Queen Mahrk and i see that my sister has passed the curse to her. This dreaded curse. I am sorry Mahrk, i wish i could have stopped the curse, but alas we buried the curse and all my mothers other writings with her. I wish i could stop it.

When i found Dream, i did not think about the curse as it had only seemed to effect the women in the family. But when he told me he was going to marry the woman of his dreams i started to fret and worry. I prayed and prayed that everything would go well and that she would not take off and run away with his heart, just as many had done with mine in the past. The day that came and went was a day no one would forget. She and He looked so beautiful, the wedding was amazing, and so many people showed up. And when she, well, when she went to live on as another i was so torn with grief that i had ruined his life forever for passing this curse on to him! But, alas, he has moved on to find another love and i am happy for him. My only hope is that this Curse is stuck with in me, and that i shall never pass it on.

Monday, October 20, 2008


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